Does your enterprise have such problems?
Too many paper documents; lack of information security protection measures; lots of documents scattered in the company's various departments, with low use rate and poor efficiency; lack of effective communication tools and platforms; as a manager, you handle a great deal of operation data by various conferences, telephone and fax?
If you answer is "yes" for more than 50% of those questions, please consider ERMS system for your enterprise to quickly step into the information age!
We help your enterprises to realize "office informatization, odered management and elevated efficiency" .
With the rapid development of enterprises and expanding market share, the traditional management methods have become a bottleneck in the development of enterprises, as it is unable to adapt to the needs of market competition. Informatization construction has become an inevitable choice for enterprise. According to unique needs of different enterprises for office automation, CHANGER has combined with development and implementation experience of professional application software, and introduced international popular system framework and development technology to initiate a convenient and stable enterprise resource management (ERMS) system. The system get rid of "database-application" model in traditional ERP system. Based on theory of new generation collaborative ERP system, it adopts "mutual cooperation"mechanism to achieve synchronization management of enterprises resources cross departments and regions. Unified operation in a unified platform, every task operated as per unified criterion, so the efficiency will be certainly increased dramatically.

You may wonder that, your business is special, so our software is not suitable. No problem, CHANGER can provide you with customized service according to your industry and business characteristics. You propose, we implement. To provide enterprise with flexible informatization solutions to meet their individual requirements is commitment of CHANGER.

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