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Multi-language coping
Multi-language coping
As for the global market, you may have customers from Asia, Europe and the United States etc. different geographical regions. So one software may need multi-language versions, as a simple translation of words and phrases can not meet your need.
CHANGER Globalizer™-help you easily achieve software conversion between multi-languages without barrier!
Following with development of market internationalization, multi-language version of the software become a new topic of enterprises. In addition to simple language translation, code-level multi-language solutions has also forced enterprises to pay much on that. Changer provides you with multi-language version of the software solutions. It allows you to achive free conversion between multi-languages, from the source code, test, re-create of package to document conversion etc. a series of complicated operations.
Package conversion tools-CHANGER Globalizer ™ is a self-developed multi-language conversion tool. The tool will help your enterprises to reduce software development costs, improve development efficiency and reduce the error rate. CHANGER Globalizer ™ will be your right-hand man in the process of software development.
In addition, our company also provides kinds of customized services to meet special needs in multi-language coping, including software localization, document language localization, conversion between different development languages etc. personalized services to promote localization process of your products and accelerate your steps towards international market.

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