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Network Security
Network Security
Following with development of informationization and internet, not only efficiency is increased, but also information resources have been shared extremely. However, we must realize that, network security issues have become increasingly prominent closely followed the development of informationization. Without a good solution, it will definitely hinder the development of informationization.
Maybe no network is better than a network without security!
CHANGER has launched a new network security solution to help you achieve the standardization management of network access. It can prevent access of illegal computers and mobile devices and control bandwidth and flow of Internet access to reasonably allocate resources. Based on that, it can also monitor e-mail, Web access, FTP, instant message and other network access behavior, to effectively prevent the leakage of internal information and protect security of information uploading and downloading.
Just install a central server in a common computer within the local area network, and install a proxy server in a common computer in each subnet, our network security solutions can achieve the full 24-hour network monitoring to help enterprise build impregnable fortress in network.

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