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Financial statements
Financial statements
Are you annoyed by data collection and result checking etc. bothering tasks in annual report as a business manager? Are you feeling troubled when you make statements in different formats according to requirements of executive department? Do not worry. CHANGER Technology now provides a statements solution to help you screen all types of information accurately, quickly and orderly, and then form simple and clear enterprise statements rapidly. Further more, it can also omit complex repeat definition after the first setting.
CHANGER Technology introduces the brand-new statements solution after learning advanced experience of statements production from enterprises at home and abroad. It breaks the function restrictions of traditional statements tools and provides efficient and flexible design and report functions. It realizes reusability of data and modifies defects of traditional statements, such as inconvenient operation and horizontal expansion.
The ideal solution for enterprise-level statements。
The advantage of our statements solution is that, customizable statements format can generates a statements template to avoid repeat definition. So it can raise the production efficiency, improve the display performance of statements, and simplify the maintenance and update of statements, to satisfy requirement of a variety of business statements. In addition, different types of enterprises can also be free to customize and set its application according to their actual situation and special needs. High-performance and high efficiency enterprise-class statements solution plays a crucial role in digitization of statements management of enterprise. CHANGER Technology will be your provider of best solutions for enterprise statements.
Take financial industry as an example, our company has developed a set of periodic report generation system, which covered all aspects of financial sector. At present, the system has been successfully applied to a number of financial institutions. It is a new breakthrough in management of financial enterprises.

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