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Application Development Projects
CHANGER is constituted by managers who have obtained various valuable experiences on managing IT outsourcing projects and a team of members with solid technical background. Based on great team led by outstanding managers, we have successfully completed various outsourcing projects and have established intimate strategy partnership with our customers by serving each other, back up each other and win together.
诚志科技为证券、信托、银行、保险及财务公司等金融机构定制行业财务管理软件。以深厚的技术实力为基础,面向金融对象进行分析设计,运用组件技术构建软件,实现系统功能的……           More
房地产租赁及运营管理是面向房地产租赁行业的管理软件,专业针对房地产相关租赁业务及由租赁衍生出来的财务、日常工作、采购等方面的管理。可以对资金流动、日常事务、日常……           More
用于制造业企业的生产管理,可将进行生产经营所需的物流、资金流和信息流高度集成,使企业决策者随时了解自身经营的真实数据情况,提高企业对生产过程的跟踪与指导,从而提……           More
我们所开发的产品还涉及到信息管理、庶务品管理等多个领域。           More
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