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Quality Assurance
Customers’satisfaction is mainly determined by product quality, so CHANGER has always regarded "pursuit on quality" as the company's foothold of development.
   Capability Maturity Model For Software (CMM)
CMM/CMMI has now become one of the important standards to evaluate the quality of software in IT enterprise. CHANGER has not only concerned about the CMM/CMMI certification, but also focused on implementation of quality management in every process of project management in order to build a highly efficient management system.
   Plan Do Check Action Cycle(PDCA)
In order to achieve quality standards, CHANGER utilizes large project management experience skillfully. We draws up project pan , calculate the cost of quality management and strictly examine implementation of quality standards in every step to bring sucessful experience into the new PDCA cycle.
   Standardization of Software development process
Standardization of Software development process
   Application of CCC System
With our self-developed CCC system, you can manage every detail in the process of project development to realize quantification and indexing of project management.
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