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 CHANGER-Client Collaboration System(CCC)(1.0 Veision)
Function Summary
  According to the rapid business development, Customers requires much higher quality, strict schedule and lower cost, which sets much more difficulty in project management. And traditional project management has shortcomings over these aspects:
1.project team and customers are short of communication or communicate insufficiently, thus demand analysis remains imprecise.
2.project management is totally relied on the project manager. A good project manager would get the project well-done, and a project manager who is lack of experience would lead the project to failure.
3.project implement procedure is invisible to customer who could not get project real time information except for phase to phase documents.
4.data collection for project summary and evaluation takes time.
5.member adjustment is always up to “crisis” instead of pre-scheduled.

  CHANGER-Client Collaboration System(CCC) is a software development company oriented project management system, which eliminated personal factors during the whole project management procedure. CCC realized unique platform management over horizontal and vertical angle for each stage of project management, from project starts to project ends, till enduser maintenance. The platform is open to customers, so that customers could check project progress at any time, and customer collaboration is easily realized. With use of CCC, project management data could be collected promptly day by day, the ideal workload measurable, data collection completion, management detailed, procedure visible is totally realized timely and efficiently over this platform. We also provides enterprise needs oriented customization for CCC.
▪ timely efficient management platform
  CCC has two versions of C/S mode and B/S mode, which both provides user friendly interface and combined project plan, member arrangement, progress trace, project control, data analysis, etc., organically. Data related to the project management are collected in the system, and project manager could grasp the project progress and the potential problem as soon as possible, so that member and schedule adjustment could be easily realized in order to satisfy the specific project management requirements.
▪ All angle procedure control
  Member, time slot arrangement, phase to phase leader assign, progress confirmation, etc. each task for project management is done in the same system, so that during the project implementation, all the factors are measured timely and each potential problem could be controlled in advance. By using CCC, project manager gets the lead role of project practically.
▪ Overall procedure supervision management
  Through the fixing settings for the project development procedure, task processing deadline is standardized, which leads the project management procedure gets to a phase, and people management blind spot is physically avoided.
▪ Visible Collaboration Management
  CCC could be opened to the customers, so that each stage of the project development is visible. The customers are able to provide customer-side opinion over alternation management module or problem management module.
▪ Data miming provides overall view
  With daily data input, CCC produce data mining report over aspects of quality evaluation , member arrangement, alternation statistics, test-case analysis, etc. Project manager could check quality at each stage-out point or milestone, and put succeed experience into new PDCA cycle which leads new project to perfect succeed.
Platforms Supported
Programming Language: C#.Net
Platform: .Net Platform: Framework 2.0
Web Server: IIS
Database: SQLServer 2000/2005
Operating System: Client: Windows NT/2000/XP
                   Server: Windows 2000 Server
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