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 Daily Business Management System(1.0 Veision)
Function Summary
Daily Business Management System is developed for managing daily information for each estate. There are three sub-systems included:
▪ Financial Management sub-system, which is used to record detailed daily expense information of a single building and provide the record to managers for confirmation.
▪ Daily business Information Management sub-system, which is used to add and update daily business record.
▪ Part-time Worker Management sub-system, which is a wage management system for part-time workers in the estate.
The system is based on an estate’s daily income and outcome, collect valuable information and create reports on a same platform. Managers are able to collect all the information from various estates distributed in different areas, so that money flow could be under control for each single estate and made management much more efficiently.
Platforms Supported
Programming Language: Java, Intra-Mart
Platform: J2SE 5.0, Internet Explorer 6.0
Database: DB2
Operating System: Windows 2000/XP
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